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Monday, 12 November 2018

New Sole @Bucketfeet

Bucketfeet who are partnered with @Threadless have launched a new blue sole.
I am loving the electric blue

 Life at sea, shoes designed by Mimi Pinto

A Blue print, for a foot print

Thursday, 1 November 2018

French country Chic

with a modern contemporary style
Wallpaper with modern country style Rooster and chicks

Also available as fabrics at Spoonflower

Cushions at Roostery home

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Snuggle up

Duvet covers with a sense of fine art

Available at Roostery and Threadless

And if you fancy sewing your own, Fabrics available at Spoonflower

Saturday, 27 October 2018

Sew easy Throw Blankets

These really are so easy to sew.

The ideal fabric I would recommend is Minky, Fleece or Celosia Velevt

1 yard in Minky will give you a generous blanket 36 inches by 54 inches
Minky has a soft napped finish

1 Yard of Fleece will give you a blanket size 36 inches by 56 inches, 
you will need to line the blanket, as fleece is thinner than Minky and velvet and has a slight stretch, But this give you an opportunity to make a two sided blanket. perhaps you could use a coordinating pattern for the back.  see bellow my collection of coordinating prints and patterns.

Coordinating patterns 

1 Yard of Celosia velvet will give you a blanket 36 inches by 54 inches.
Celosia is a velvet fabric with a short pile (hair) and a subtle shimmer.  A blanket in this fabric, is definitely luxurious.

to sew the edges, simply hand roll the edge and put a hem stitch round it. 
Alternatively if sewing and hemming is not your thing, then Roostery sew it for you:

Monday, 22 October 2018

cut and sew dress patterns

This textile design is inspired by the styles of the 1950's
Fashion in transition, patterns within lines and stripes.
My design elements move in graceful diagonal lines across the fabric, giving fluidity and movement to the dress.

The dress pattern is a classic vintage type.  
Click on the image to shop the cut and sew project

Good for all body shapes.

The pattern has waist and bust darts, which is quite classic of the 1950's style. 
The gathered skirt is a full A Line giving a beautiful drape.
There is an in seam pocket on the side.  
I just love dresses with a handy pocket 
You can sew a full sleeve or short sleeve.
The cut and sew pattern is printed with all cutting lines and seam allowances.  All you need to do is cut and sew.
Detailed instructions in Pdf are provided.
Have fun, and don't forget to share you creation.  I would so love to see it.

Sunday, 21 October 2018

For the Cat Lovers...

Create a quick, simple duvet or quilt with this design.

to sew a baby quilt or blanket, 
The ideal fabrics are
Minky: soft with a napped finish - means it is slightly hairy, but not as hairy as fur.  It's really luxurious and plush.  One yard of Mink would give you a blanket 35 inches by 53 inches.
The other ideal fabric for a baby blanket, I would recommend is Fleece: it has a slight stretch, soft and a cuddly feel. One yard of Fleece fabric would give you a blanket 35 inches by 55 inches, I have allowed for half an inch seam all round
Fleece would also make a really good swaddle cloth.

You could also co-ordinate with a contrast pattern design for the backing of the blanket, thus giving you two sides to the blanket.
In order to do this most economically, you could make a slightly smaller blanket in 1 yard of fabric and two designs in one yard
Click on the image bellow to browse the collection.

The collection has a few designs that go well together. Over time I keep adding designs, so do pop round and check. 
click on the start designing button 
This is spoonflower's, "Fill-a-Yard" 
A cool and economical way of adding more than one design to a yard or two of any fabric. 
When you click the start designing button, you will land on a page that asks you to select a template 
For the baby blanket,
I would recommend the vertical split yard
Like shown in the image above
You can then decide how you would like to layout your designs across the yard.

Sewing the baby blanket is super easy
Fold the fabric with the two designs facing each other
(meaning the backs of the fabric is facing outwards.  Run a seam along the top and on side edge.
turn the fabric out, so that the two designs are now facing outward,
fold the bottom edges inside and run a top stitch.
You have a beautiful baby blanket.
your finished blanket in fleece would measure 35 inches by 28 inches, allowing half inch for seam allowance 

Baby Blanket

Get in touch if you would like the design re sized, or a colour variation.
or if you need further guidance on sewing.
Happy Sewing !!!
And don't forget to share your creations .... 
One of the biggest and best rewards of being a designer is when I see my designs being used by clients to create things.
It is a "Pat on the back" for me.  So please do share
my social media handles:

Friday, 5 October 2018

Nursery decor ideas. Hand painted woodland animals

Woodland animals, hand painted in watercolour, pen and India inks
Wallpaper available at Spoonflower and Roostery

"Strictly come dancing" wallpaper

The artwork in the picture frames is cut out from spare wallpaper and stuck in the frames.

"Confetti hearts" for baby blanket and quilted pouf

Use linen cotton canvas for a hard wearing pouf

Cushion and flanged pillow